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Kari Carmody

The past three months living in community with Amate House has been incredible. Our fall retreat in October was a time to recharge, reflect, and to grow closer with one another. Silent time (which we normally don’t have too much of in a house of 11) allowed us to intentionally reflect on our relationships in community, in our workplace, and in our families as well as our physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. After the campfire we went down to a dock near a pond and laid down huddling next to each other gazing up at the stars. We stopped and were awed at the beauty of the sky and stars.

There were many moments like this throughout the retreat where we grew closer to one another. Many games of cornhole, whiffle ball, volleyball, and basketball highlighted our goofy and competitive nature. Some of the most meaningful moments were spent during one-on-ones with other fellows and staff. During a beautiful conversation with a staff member, I got more perspective on spirituality as we discussed why they believed in God, how they experience spirituality and what a soul is. I grew closer with one of my housemates, learning more about where they grew up, their family, and who they are and what they think as we went for a walk watching the sun rise.

The October retreat was an incredible opportunity to reflect on my Amate experience and I’m so grateful to be surrounded by such compassionate and thoughtful human beings.

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