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Become a Fellow

An Opportunity to Transform

Amate House fellows live together as a faith-based community committed to living simply and building meaningful relationships with one another. Fellows share together in the richness of each other’s experiences through casual daily conversation and weekly opportunities for reflection, prayer, and discussion.

Build Community, Serve Chicago

Community serves as a base of support for each fellow, assuring that their time spent at Amate House promotes growth and a sense of transformation with a focus on community and social justice leadership. Ultimately, our emphasis on community stems from our belief that no one stands alone—our call to holiness and to service cannot be sustained if we exist in isolation.

Transformation Through Service

Amate House goes to great lengths to fuel the personal, professional and spiritual transformations of each of our fellows. Before you embark on your year-long transformative journey of service and leadership development within the community, our staff see to it that your site placement aligns with your current aspirations and interests, as well as your future career goals.

For a complete guide on what to expect as an Amate House fellow, we invite you to review our Fellow Handbook.

2024-2025 Fellow Handbook

Fellow Benefits

Housing & Utilities

Our fellow houses include shared living spaces, office spaces, laundry units, high-speed internet, and private bedrooms for every fellow.

Community Food Budget

Amate House provides a monthly food budget based on the number of fellows living in each community. Fellows are responsible for purchasing groceries for their house members.

Health Insurance

For fellows who are unable to stay on their parents’ health insurance, Amate House purchases medical coverage for them through Christian Brothers Services. In addition, Amate House covers all fellows’ medical and counseling copays.


Amate House provides fellows transportation to and from work via Chicago’s extensive public transportation system or via our fleet of vehicles.

Leadership Development

Amate House offers an array of leadership development activities for fellows through its weekly Community Night workshops, periodic in-service trainings, and seasonal retreats.

Spiritual Companionship

For fellows seeking a deeper faith connection, Amate House matches them with a spiritual companion who accompanies the fellow in their spiritual development during the service year.

Professional Mentor

Amate House pairs fellows with a professional in their field of choice who provides career guidance and networking opportunities throughout the year.

Monthly Stipend & AmeriCorps Grant

Fellows receive a monthly allowance to cover their personal expenses as well as a larger end-of-service AmeriCorps educational award to be applied toward their student loans, to offset graduate school costs, or to be used as they see fit.

Discover our Fellow Communities

McKinley Park House

Little Village House

“Amate House respects and upholds the dignity of all persons regardless of the identities they hold. We believe that creating a just and diverse environment is more than an ideal, but rather at the core of who we are as an organization. We welcome people of every race, religion, culture, gender identity, sexual orientation, economic status, and family composition. We celebrate all persons regardless of where they may be on their spiritual journey. We value persons of all faith traditions, those with no faith tradition, as well as those who are questioning and exploring. We work to be a community that follows Catholic Social Teaching, which upholds the life, dignity, and equality of all human beings.”

Amate HouseInclusivity Statement
Review our full Non-Discrimination Policy

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Becoming a fellow at Amate House offers fulfilling opportunities to live, work, and serve closely with peers who share your passion for a faith-based community.

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