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When Jesus is on his way to Golgotha, he has to carry his own cross; his own form of execution. Its huge, made of wood, and he is already weak because of his crown of thorns. So it makes sense that he would fall. But I think the more powerful image is the fact that he gets back up. This year, we have had times when we get tired and don’t want to continue on. Jesus gets it; He understands when we get tired and fall because it happened to him too. The first blow seemed like the hardest. The first time we were not successful as a community or felt like we weren’t successful at work, it really takes a toll on us and keeps us down for a bit. But the fact of the matter is that we got back up and pushed on. We adapted and found ways to move forward. Sometimes when we fall, we feel the weight of absolutely everything on our shoulders and feel like how is it impossible to continue. BUT we are a lot stronger than we think we are, even when we are nervous because we already somewhat know the outcome. So although this journey of Jesus is very taxing and hard, he knows that the outcome is for the greater good. In our year of service, I think this image of Jesus should carry us through. We might fall and it is probably going to be very very hard, but our journey is for the greater good and hopefully that can carry us through.

Reflection Questions:

  • When have you felt like you have fallen and thought you wouldn’t be able to go on?
  • What helped you through it and gave you the strength to continue?
  • How can you keep yourself hopeful to get back up even when it seems impossible throughout the rest of the year?

Closing Prayer:

Jesus, teach us your humility today. Fill us with your Spirit so that, in our community and work sites, we become conduits of your self-giving love. Through your example, may our weaknesses make us stronger, more accepting of the weaknesses of others, and increasingly humble.

Your love for me gave You strength to rise from Your fall. Look upon all those whom the world considers unprofitable servants and give them the courage to be more concerned as to how they stand before You.