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Help Magic go LIVE on April 24th!

Your Sponsorship Makes A Difference!

Amate Magic raises over a third of Amate House’s operating budget for the fiscal year. Your sponsorship supports the young women and men working for justice in Chicago. It also assists the people they serve who have been disproportionally affected by the global pandemic. Together we can help to build and sustain better communities for all Chicagoans.

Why You Should Support Amate House

Since 1984, Amate House has provided quality leadership development programming paired with full-time service to over 850 young adults who have become leaders in our community. During their service year, they volunteered full-time with one of over 200 non-profit partner sites. They have become social justice ambassadors who build a healthier and more just world for us to live in. They are school principals, religious, social workers, business leaders, healthcare professionals, lawyers, and parents. They continue to accompany immigrants, the elderly, and the sick; they help teach, heal, and advise those most vulnerable. Over the last 37 years, Amate House fellows have provided over 1.4 million service hours valued at over 35 million dollars.

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