What It Means to Put Love Into Action

Amate House was established in 1984 as a volunteer program for young adults by three seminarians from the Archdiocese of Chicago, along with other lay and religious men and women, with the objective of transformation through service. The founders chose the name “Amate,” the Latin imperative “to love,” because they envisioned a program in which young adults would put “love into action,” and answer the call to holiness by providing support and service to fulfill the needs of the city and the Archdiocese of Chicago.

In addition to a vocation of service, Amate House emphasizes the personal, professional, and spiritual development of its Volunteers, creating passionate leaders for our church and world.

Amate House Mission

Amate House, a young adult volunteer program of the Archdiocese of Chicago, fosters the transformation of its Volunteers by providing experiences of full-time service to people in need, community living, and faith formation. Amate House develops future leaders for the church and world who are committed to building a more just and loving society.

Amate Tenets


Our Volunteers serve non-profits in a variety of fields, including: education, health education and outreach, hunger and homelessness services, legal aid, nursing, physical therapy, and service to the elderly, youth, and immigrant populations.


Our Volunteers live closely as a faith-based intentional community. Our emphasis on community stems from our belief that no one stands alone – our call to service cannot be sustained if we exist in isolation.


Our Volunteers are called and challenged to take a look at and share in the richness of each other’s experiences through daily conversation and weekly reflection, prayer, and discussion. Retreats are held throughout the year to give our Volunteers a chance to refuel with each other and reflect on their call to service.

Social Justice

Amate House is committed to engaging with and understanding social justice problems in Chicago, especially working to combat racism, violence, and poverty. Volunteers engage with these issues day-to-day at their service sites and learn about their historic significance at programming throughout the year, including during weekly community nights and in-services.


Stewardship at Amate House means to care rightfully for the resources we are given and the world around us. Volunteers engage in simple living; honoring all they have been given while growing their gifts and talents.