More Reasons to Choose Amate House for Post Graduate Service and Leadership Development

Live in Chicago – Home of deep-dish pizza, Barack Obama and the Sears Tower, Chicago is a dynamic city with an ever-changing mix of people and lifestyles. Chicago has a strong history of community organizing and dynamic social entrepreneurs who work every day to make the city a great place to live. As a fellow you will have the chance to immerse yourself in neighborhood culture, while also exploring the cultural hub of the Midwest.

Personalized Site Placement – Amate House takes great pride in placing each fellow at a service site that fits their personal and professional goals. After 35 years of working in Chicago, Amate House has deep ties to the community and is able to partner with organizations that provide meaningful work and powerful change.

Social Justice Formation – Fellows see the effects of racism, violence, and poverty at their service sites. Amate House is committed to helping fellows understand and process these experiences with retreats, in-services and weekly community nights planned by staff. Fellows have particularly enjoyed participating in a two and a half day anti-racism training and learning about restorative justice and peace circles.

Community Living – One of the pillars of Amate House is the opportunity to live in community with like-minded people. Over the year the fellows learn how to grow through healthy conflict, and support each other through a huge range of experiences. It is often the most rewarding part of the year.  

Simple Living – Amate House challenges its fellows to live simply and to embrace their call to environmental stewardship, as well as solidarity with people in poverty. This experience of intentionality profoundly transforms the way fellows think about money and resources.

Spiritual Formation – Through retreats and weekly spirituality nights fellows of all faith backgrounds have the opportunity to explore many styles of Christian spirituality, including Catholic Social Teaching. Fellows grow in their faith lives both individually and as a community. Amate House also makes available a spiritual companion for those who are interested in having someone accompany their faith journey.

Accessible Staff – Amate House staff live and work in Chicago, providing fellows with the opportunity to build relationships with them. Should any problems arise during the year of service, staff members are always available and willing to help.

Career Development & Professional Networking – After 35 years in Chicago, Amate House has deep connections to hundreds of non-profits, businesses, and universities. This strong network enables many fellows to find jobs or enroll in further education after their year of service. The opportunity to connect with a professional mentor during their year of service is offered, and strongly encouraged.

Extended Volunteer Community – Amate House fellows often connect with volunteers from different service programs. These connections provide a bigger community to spend time with and share the experience of being a volunteer.