Build Community, Serve Chicago

Amate House fellows live closely together as a faith-based community committed to living simply and building meaningful relationships with one another. Fellows share together in the richness of each other’s experiences through casual daily conversation and weekly opportunities for reflection, prayer and discussion.

Community serves as a base of support for each fellow, assuring that their time spent at Amate House promotes growth and a sense of transformation with a focus on community and social justice leadership. Ultimately, our emphasis on community stems from our belief that no one stands alone—our call to holiness and to service cannot be sustained if we exist in isolation.

Transformation Through Service

Amate House goes to great lengths to fuel the personal, professional and spiritual transformations of each of our fellows. Before you embark on your year-long transformative journey of service and leadership development within the community, our staff see to it that your site placement aligns with your current aspirations and interests, as well as your future career goals.

For a complete guide on what to expect as an Amate House fellow, we invite you to review our Fellow Handbook.

Amate House Fellow Benefits

In addition to the personal, professional and spiritual formation Amate House provides, fellows also receive:

  • Housing - Our fellow houses include shared living spaces and private bedrooms for every fellow
  • Community food budget
  • Health insurance
  • Transportation to and from work
  • Professional development training
  • Spiritual companionship
  • Professional mentor in your field
  • Monthly allowance and end-of-year bonus
More Reasons To Choose Amate

Fellow Testimonials

  • “The word that stands out to me in Amate House’s mission statement is transformation. Amate House is not just a year of volunteering. It is an opportunity for personal, spiritual and professional growth. With my year of service under my belt, I feel empowered and supported in my efforts to make the world a better place.”

    Liza Duchesneau, Sarah's Circle, 2015-16

  • “My time in Amate sparked a love to serve, and I hope to continue to do this to all those I encounter. Whether in a more formal manner, or simply being present to those I encounter, service to another is what we are all called towards, and what Amate taught me during my time in Chicago.”

    Matthew Norris, One Million Degrees (Illinois Education Foundation), 2012-13

  • “I most appreciate the emphasis on intentional community. My experience in Amate House taught me that communication with others is key in building strong relationships; and we were always encouraged to discuss and to work through problems. We lived, ate, prayed and served together, and we also reflected on what that meant to us; it was a very special year.”

    Kimberly Dennis, St. Martin de Porres High School, 2011-12

  • “From my Amate House experience, I appreciated learning about the practice of accompaniment the most; I think about accompaniment as a way to care for my patients every single day.”

    Gina Bartindale, Erie Family Health Center, 2016-2017